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What are we like?


We meet together every Sunday and Wednesday.


On Sunday morning at 10AM, we spend time catching up with each other and having some coffee and treats. Then we share what we've learned in our walk with God while the children & teens meet together for a Bible lesson of their own. At 11AM, we have a time of worship in singing. We keep it simple with just a couple of insturments, and sing traiditonal and modern hymns. After that we, listen to preaching from the Bible.


On Wednesdays, our children's program starts at 6:15 PM. During this time, the kids sing songs,  have a Bible lesson, memorize Scripture, play games, and have some refreshments. At 6:45, our Adult Bible study begins, and it concludes at 7:30.  If you are brining kids to the earlier program, you are welcome to join us for that time while the kids learn and play together.


We believe that every part of the Bible is important and given from God. We also think that it has the most positive & transforming effect on our lives. Because of this, we value expository teaching and preaching. That means we spend time carefully trying to understand the Bible one portion at a time.  We make application based on what we believe God inspired the original author to write. This, then, informs us on how to live and think.


All our nursery workers have background checks. We ensure that there are at least 2 workers in a room when working with children. If you'd rather keep your kids in the service, we welcome the company and sound of children!


On Sundays, attendees usually put on something more than casual (like business casual), but not always. On Wednesdays, our people often come from work and so they wear what they wore at work. For either meeting time, you're more than welcome to come casual or otherwise. We'll just be glad you gave us a visit.

Service Times 


10:00 AM - Prayer, Discussion, & Fellowship

11:00 AM - Morning Service


6:15 PM - 7:15 PM - Kids Program

6:45 PM - 7:30 PM - Adult Bible Study & Fellowship

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